What’s in a name?

As those meeting to study, read psalms and Scriptures, and sing met we thought back to the original White Horse Inn. We often felt that the spirit, though not the danger of that time, was reminiscent in the present gatherings. The group has become affectionately and unofficially referred to as The White Horse North.

The groups and their activities have no affiliation with any one church body. This is deliberate, so that believers seeking to learn the great Reformed truths and to bring glory to our Lord in the way of the Reformation may participate irrespective of their church affiliation. There is also no connection to any other organization of similar name.

What we have is just a work of simply and humble obedience to His command that our function be to gather to the praise and glory of His name.

The Future:

Where this leads, only our Lord knows. Our only goal is to draw closer to and glorify Him.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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