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  • Mobile Viewing - We are now friendly to and viewable from mobile devices! You can now browse and read from all types of mobile devices more comfortably. Try it and enjoy…
  • Bible verses along the way… - In the course of following Prof. Horner’s Reading approach, I will tweet some of the verses that strike me as I go. It is interesting how the juxtaposition of readings adds context and insights… The latest Tweets will be shown in our left sidebar. I should also note that all verses will be quote from […]
  • Bible Reading Plan - Yikes, another Bible reading plan! At first blush that was my reaction as well. Had it not been for an intriguing comment on another Reformed blog I would likely have dismissed it summarily with a polite yawn. That would have been most unfortunate, and I am very thankful that the Lord prodded me appropriately. The […]
  • Keep Your Greek – Book Review - So, you know a usable amount, or a lot, of NT Greek. You did the basic grammar courses, added a syntax and exegesis course, and maybe a related preaching or teaching course. Lots of sweat and a little inspiration. And voila, usable Koine Greek (hopefully). We all agree that this is invaluable if not vital […]
  • Fire juggling in brief… - A short synopsis of the fire juggling pics… [cincopa AEHAjVaNxZig] The complete gallery is available HERE.
  • Need a smile? - I remember laughing at these guys when I was a kid. But this has a present day twist in the music and they haven’t lost anything with age… //
  • Did ya’ ever notice… - Question – What do the following services have in common, from the standpoint of ongoing use? 1. Cleaning lady or service company 2. Lawn service 3. Snow removal service 4. Financial Adviser Let’s put it in a scenario… You decide that one of these services is to be farmed out – say, house cleaning. That […]
  • Almost but not quite.. until now - Having expanded the theme to cover more of the expanse of present LCD resolutions, the form was right. However, thanks to a timely user comment, I realized that readability had suffered by having the lines of text in the posts themselves containing too many characters – the average person being able to quickly scan only […]
  • Wider is better - Over and over these days, we hear these days that as a society our waist line is wider, and that this is bad news. Vaughnerian girth and Renascence shape are definitely out of favour. Blogs are somewhat the opposite. Average screen resolution has grown over the last couple of years. Just a short few years […]
  • Classic 1911A 45 - classic 1911A 45 Cal with wonderful custom work
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