Minor points of theology?

In a recent conversation with the pastor of a small church, he referred to the difference between a Doctrines of Grace and one based upon a Doctrine of Works as a minor point of theology, certainly not worth of real discussion, let alone argument.

He was particularly concerned that someone might consider the difference between Limited Atonement and Unlimited Atonement of any signficance to their faith.

What could I say? I was on the phone and didn’t want to get into a brew ha ha via that medium, but I was almost speachless.

If he truly considers matters of foundational doctrinal identity to be of no real importance, what then IS of importance?

In the end, he was of the “let’s just forget all this doctrinal silliness and love Jesus” school. He did not realize the he was challenging the actual efficacy of the work of Jesus and thereby the extent  of His love.

So, how and to what degree should we seek theological clarity? Does it matter?


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