Classes & Groups

As mentioned on the About page, several weekly classes and groups now meet (at what is affectionately and informally dubbed The White Horse North) to study and learn together with a Berean spirit (Acts 17:11) of worship and in the spirit of the original post reformation White Horse Inn. Significantly, we also believe that interpersonal support is paramount and biblical in the equipping of the Saints, a priority that is sadly missing from many Reformed environments.

This activity presently includes:
– occasional Systematic Theology seminars
– Reformed group, studied the Canons of Dordt devotionally
– Doctrines of Grace (traditional) Bible study group. Reforming for Spring 2011
– Introductory Systematic Theology group (completed Winter thru Fall 2010)
– a weekly Colossians 3:16 gathering to sing Psalms, Hymns pray and share testimony.

In the longer term, we hope to post mp3 or video of some sessions.

Overall we simply rejoice in our Lord and His gracious provision.


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