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Reformation Day 2014

Friday, October 31st, 2014


This is what the church should celebrate today!


Session 1 – Prologama

Monday, June 14th, 2010

We begin with an examination of our pre-suppositions, the lay of the land so to speak. These are some of the terms and concepts that we will need going forward.

– examine the basic terms (eg. theology, doctrine)
– what is theology
– what types of theology are there and why
– the justification for studying theology

Christian Beliefs – no reading required
Bible Doctrine – pages 1-32

Audio/Video – sorry none in place yet.


Basic Theology @ TWN

Monday, June 14th, 2010

We are offering our first most formal seminar/course this Summer.

Basic Christian Doctrine aka Systematic Theology 101

A foundation examination of the doctrines defining essential Christianity, Orthodoxy and heterodoxy. The course is mainly aimed at Christian believers. The teaching is Reformed in theological flavour.

We will spend about one session on each doctrines, covering the material over 12-14 weeks.

Each session will be instructor lead with associated discussion. Additional optional discussion may be available locally on Friday evenings as part of our regular Colossisns 3:16 gatherings.

Text: Bible Doctrine by Dr. Wayne Grudem (ISBN 0310222338)
Optional substutute: Christian Beliefs by Dr. Wayne Grudem (ISBN 0310255996)

Since the sessions are is Wednesday evenings and a couple of people can not fit that in their schedules, we will be experimenting with recording the lecture portion in audio or possibly video for posting here. This would allow anyone who would find it profitable to ‘attend’.

It is an experiment. Our intent is to encourage and strengthen fellow believers and to glorify our Lord.

If you are a believer in Ottawa, Canada, and wish to attend, please email us.