110+ Days with Prof. Horner

Some time ago I reviewed Prof. Horner’s somewhat unique Bible reading program. In brief, it involves reading one chapter from each of 10 lists of bible books each day. So you read 10 chapter per day. The 10 lists of books is a division of the 66 book of the Bible along roughly genre and subject lines (eg. Pentateuch, gospels, psalms, etc.). When reaching the end of a list, one simply starts that list again. The lists are of different lengths so that chapters read are always juxtaposed differently in subsequent readings. The original post and description is here.

After 110 days (1100 chapters – equivalent to the entire Bible), I am in complete agreement with Prof. Horner when he says that it will change your life.

What do I mean by that?

First, the amount of Scripture you are reading. Most people who hear of the system think that reading this amount daily is overwhelming. Having used other reading plans I certainly thought this before starting. However, the system of reading multiple books seems to completely remove this problem. He states that you will not consider it a lot after a month, and after 3 months you marvel at how you read less before. Right on both counts. I was starving for more and didn’t know it, irrespective of other types of ongoing Scriptural and theology study.

Next, he states that it will change you. Right again. You simply can not be immersed to this degree in Scripture without it unconsciously being assimilated into all other areas of your life. In his book Knowing God, A. Pink states that one of the most important activities for the Christian is being ‘soaked’ in Scripture.  This methodology accomplishes that, seemingly with effort.

Next, you will wonder how you ever read less of the Bible daily. Right yet again. Once established as habit you ‘can not’ comfortably do less. If fact, it seems like you should do more. The increased volume feeds an incresed hunger.

Next, you quietly develop contextualized cross-referencing that is amazing. Your memory increases and the combination of Old and New Testaments makes the entire Bible come alive. This is truly wonderful.

What about so many threads or stories happening at once? Can you keep track? I wondered about that, but it has proven to be a non-issue. About 50% of the books, such as Wisdom literature and most Psalms, have relatively independent chapters, so ongoing story context is not a problem. For the others, I simply scan the last paragraph of the previous day’s chapter before starting the new one. It takes about 20 seconds and I then continue with the thread refreshed in my mind for the next piece. As I said, a non-issue.

All this is to say that so far the system is all that is claimed and more. As Professor Horner suggests, give it a try for a month and see. You may be surprised and you have so much to gain.

A mentioned in my previous post on the program, I am tweeting a few verses that strike me in the course of each days readings. They are posted in the blog sidebar and at http://twitter.com/DoctrinesOGrace.

Soli Deo Gloria.


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